Covey Consulting

Proven Experts in
Worldwide Industrial Applications

Australian-based, Australian-owned

Covey Consulting is a dedicated team of engineers, scientists and technical specialists with experience in a variety of industries including pulp and paper, minerals processing, waste management, polymer, brewing, general chemicals and other industries.

Intimate knowledge of Australian industry

From establishment of Covey Consulting in 1989, we have developed routine interaction with many enterprises, including major manufacturing sites, chemical plants, mineral processors and municipal authorities.

Access to global information

The Technical Information Service is integral to our success, providing Covey Consulting and clients with access to research in a wide variety of subject areas.

Breadth of professional disciplines

Immediate access to specialist knowledge areas both in-house and from our network of associates.

These specialist areas include Electrical, Civil and Structural Engineering and Chemical Analytical Laboratories.

The Bottom Line

Covey Consulting offers immediate access for rapid response.

Our flat organisational structure and comprehensive skill and experience base provide for cost effective and prompt outcomes to all assignments.